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Skiing, Politics, and Mountain Bikes

Yesterday I went skiing at Copper Mountain with some friends. First, thank you mother nature for giving us this amazing ski season that allows us to ski through the end of April! Personally, I would take 9 months of beautiful snowy winter, and one month of the rest of the seasons, but I'll be glad for any extra days of winter we get. No judgement to you summer lovers... I just like snow. A lot.

Anyway, back to skiing yesterday. I was struck by how much we have to offer each other. We got to talking about various political issues (the details of which are not important for this post), and I remarked how I thought I didn't like Issue X, but I felt bad having an opinion when I didn't really know enough about it. One friend said she had been studying this issue (she is a journalist and pretty unbiased compared to most people willing to dive into politically charged discussions) and was able to shed some light on it for me. I'm more convinced that I don't like Issue X, and I do still need to do some research...but I was impressed at the wealth of knowledge she had, and that I had this resource right in front of me that I was unaware of.

Later, I mentioned that I'm going to bring my mountain bike down to Albuquerque, and was hoping to find some trails that (I am genuinely hoping) have been developed since I lived there as a kid. The other friend I was skiing with (who happens to be a bike tech) was able to recommend a number of trails, and said that he could connect me with more information. Again- connecting the right people and ideas is a beautiful thing (and helps make my adventures that much easier).

I was reminded yesterday that life is more enjoyable when we get together and combine our ideas and our knowledge into one grand adventure. So...who wants to join me in a national park this year?

Just another beautiful day on the mountain...

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