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PLANNING (and the joys of solo photography)

I may have found the one thing that breaks this whole National Park plan. Since it is the centennial of the National Park Service this year, I'm going to visit all 59 of them. Because, well, why not? Parks are one of our national treasures, and I want to encourage as many people as I can to go enjoy them. Also, I won't complain about going to all of them myself!

So, what, you may ask, is the one thing that might put a halt to this trip? Is it the cost of flights, since there are at least 6 parks only accessible by plane? It's a little spendy, but I'd say well worth it. I'm not sure how exactly we access Channel Islands or Dry Tortugas, but I'm hoping I can do it by kayak-how sweet would that be? How about the time commitment to spend a day in each, plus travel time? I enjoy driving, and as long as I can get internet every once in awhile, I can get work and school done. How about the planning involved, from merging my work, school, and travel calendars with the dates that work for other people, as well as making sure I have all my bases covered? I thrive on making organization out of chaos- planning is no problem.

I realized a couple days ago that there are some parks that are well off the beaten path, and I'll likely be alone. Since I'm documenting this trip with writing and photos and I will inevitably be on my own for some of them, I realized that I should probably buy a selfie stick. The thought that I might have to become the owner of a selfie stick is enough to make me rethink my whole plan...

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