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Come Adventure in the National Parks!

Come celebrate the National Park Service's Centennial! I am traveling to all 62 of the national parks - it started as a way to celebrate the centennial of the National Park Service, and I'm almost to the end of the journey!  I'm Kaitlin, by the way, and you can find more about me by clicking the                link on the upper right.  Our National Parks are some of this country's greatest treasures, so I encourage everyone to get out and enjoy them-  come join me!  I'll also be stopping at as many other national monuments, battlefields, preserves, historic parks, and trails as I can find.  The National Park Service has more than 400 different units they manage, so we've got our pick of where to go and what to do.  My schedule is relatively flexible, so keep an eye on the calendar and get in touch when I'm going to be at a park in your area!  

This is a great time to travel, adventure, and get other people adventuring with me.  As an independent contractor working accounting at music festivals and other events, I have a pretty flexible schedule that allows me to travel.  Scheduling for these trips has the extra added challenge of working the parks in around the events that I'm working.  


So keep checking back in for more blog posts, schedule updates, and stories of adventure!     

What is Stellar Jay?

Stellar Jay is the brainchild of Kaitlin Silbaugh and everyone who has inspired her throughout her life.  

Kaitlin's grandma lived in a little cabin outside of Boulder until the day she died.  She was truly an inspiration, a force to be reckoned with, and one of the kindest souls you'll ever meet.  Every time Kaitlin would visit her grandma, she would notice the birds outside her window and remark how nice it was to have such beautiful blue jays.  Grandma would always gently correct her, pointing out that the particular jays she had were Steller's Jays, not blue jays.  Despite numerous (numerous) corrections, Kaitlin would always forget and refer to them as blue jays. For Kaitlin, that bird is a connection to one of the great inspirations in her life and a reminder that life can be beautiful...even if she doesn't quite have all the details figured out.  The Stellar Jay brand stands for quality, connection, joy, and adventure.

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